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“The Asiatic vegetarian meal”.

That’s what I choose.
Out of a list of 8 options.
Given to me by Finnair.
Eight possibilities for meals for the flight from Dusseldorf to Helsinki.

Now maybe those options mean something when you’re traveling business class.
But in economy I’ve got a sneaky suspicion they are a case of overselling.

Actually it’s not a suspicion.
I know.
Because I am now in between Dusseldorf and Finland.
With the Asiatic vegetarian meal in front of me.

It’s a sandwich!
A sandwich with tomato, lettuce and cheese.
Vegetarian for sure.
No idea what makes it Asiatic though, but I’m sure some marketing guy at Finnair has an explanation for it.

Me, I just feel oversold.

And for a company, that’s never a good thing for customers to feel.

I’m looking forward to the other special options I choose for the return flight.
I’ll keep you posted!


Five years ago

This morning I opened my RSS reader and found a CD review in it from
It was the new Young Fathers CD.
As I noticed they had a link to Spotify for it, I threw open Spotify and added the CD to my ‘New Music’ playlist.

Done in less than 2 minutes.
And equally important free.

And then I remembered how I did this five years ago.
First of all I had to remember that Humo comes out every Tuesday and make sure I made a tour to a newsstand to grab a copy.
Pay a few euros for a magazine of which more than half of the content was irrelevant to me.
Go to the back of the magazine to find the CD reviews.
Read them all and decide which ones sounded interesting enough to go and explore.
Write down those names on a piece of paper.
Make sure I didn’t lose that paper.
Come home and become a criminal.
You know, the cyber criminal who choses to illegally download music.
Not because I think musicians make too much money, but simply because I always felt I should be able to pay a decent price for sampling and exploring music.

And for all of you who have illegally downloaded something you know it takes more than a few minutes to click through the ads and porn and crap and fake links to get to the link you need for downloading the torrent.

Wait until the music is downloaded, copy it into my iTunes library.
It was probably Sunday by the time I was able to plan this all into my daily schedule.
Which wasn’t so bad either because Sunday is a good day to explore new music.

Two minutes vs. almost a week.

The difference between today and five years ago.
The only thing left to learn is to enjoy all that time we gained.

Come what bloody may

I sometimes wonder if I should keep my mouth shut.
Especially when everybody else seems to be saying one thing and I feel the need to defend the exact opposite.

I sometimes wonder if I should engage myself at something.
Big and small projects.
Especially when I feel overwhelmed already.

I sometimes wonder if it’s OK to show my weaknesses.
To admit to the world that I am not perfect.
Especially when I feel an internal pressure to be perfect.

No more.
I say what I want.
I do what I want.
I be who I am.

Come whatever bloody may.

Here’s to you!

Simply because it’s about me almost all of the time.

Building a vision

You know what the coolest thing in the world is?
To come up with an idea, a project, a vision in your mind.
And then go and build it.

I’ve learned there are three main obstacles to doing this.

First, you have to dare to dream.
You have to go back to when you were a child and everything was possible.
In today’s society this skill is being kicked out of us throughout the years.
So don’t worry if it takes you a while to get back into it.
Start small.
Write it down.
Give yourself enough time when you write it down so no matter how bad you are at this you will still see progress.

The last obstacle is patience and persistence.
Once you have picked and written down your goal you have to stick to it.
As said put a time stamp on it.
Make it 2 or even 5 years from now.
Nobody cares if you end early.
Don’t feel bad if on the other hand you don’t finish in time.
Most projects don’t.
It is still good to put a date to it because it helps to kick things in gear.
To start moving.
Whenever you see you’re not going to finish in time, change the end date.
That is, if you still want to finish it.
I’ve changed the date for when I have a clear visible six pack at least 8 times now.
That’s fine because for me it is still a notable goal I am going to achieve.
And I’m going to have a clear six pack by July 28, 2014.

I’ve left the second obstacle for last.
Simply because I have found this to be the hardest.
It’s belief.
Belief that you can do this.
Belief despite the set backs.
Belief despite what other people tell you.
Belief despite the alternative roads you need to travel to get to your destination.

Just remember this.
If you can dream it, you can build it.

If you need help, just contact me.
Because I dreamed I owned a successful coaching business.
It’s called Dreamcatcher Coaching.
And despite the fact that it’s taken me several years already and very little of it is viable yet, I know it’s coming closer every single day.
Every single blog post about it.
Every day I believe in it.
Today is obviously such a day.


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